Certification Exam: Spring Professional


This exam takes 90 minutes.


The Spring Professional certification exam is designed to test and validate your understanding of and familiarity with core aspects of Spring such as:

  • Container basics
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Data access and transactions
  • Spring model-view-controller (MVC)

One (1) Spring Professional exam attempt is included in the cost of the Core Spring course. 


Topics likely to be included on this exam:

  • Container (20%)
  • AOP (8%)
  • JDBC (4%)
  • Transactions (8%)
  • MVC (8%)
  • Security (6%)
  • REST (6%)
  • JPA Spring Data (4%)
  • Testing (4%)
  • Boot Into (8%)
  • Boot Autoconfig (8%)
  • Boot Actuator (8%)
  • Boot Testing (8%)


Prior to attempting the exam, Pivotal recommends thoroughly reviewing the exam study guide and exam brief.

Furthermore, we recommend taking the Core Spring course.

Download Study Guide

Download Exam Brief

Fine print

Purchasing this exam entitles you to one (1) proctored exam attempt with our exam provider, PSI / ExamsLocal. All exams are taken online and are remotely proctored. You will receive exam registration and scheduling instructions via email once you have completed your exam purchase. Your exam must be scheduled and taken within 90 days of your exam purchase or your exam attempt will be forfeited.

Certification Exam: Spring Professional
Price: $250.00
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