Pivotal Platform Acceleration Lab for Platform Engineers


4 days


The main focus of the course is on enabling students to grasp the breadth and depth involved in running a PaaS. The course stresses the importance of platform automation, introduces the idea of platform as a product, and gives hands on experience on what it means to run and maintain a PaaS at scale. All of this is done hands-on. Product management, XP, and agile are explored in a fluent teaching style. We use tools like Concourse, BOSH, and CredHub, and discuss logging and metrics as well as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). This all happens in the context of a specific IaaS*, to be as close to a future customer experience as possible. At the end of the course we expect students to be prepared to work productively with Pivots in a Dojo or to join an ops team that has gone through a Platform Dojo with Pivotal and speak the same language.

The PAL teaches developers and architects how to build and architect cloud-native software and covers the following topics; Pivotal Cloud Foundry, greenfield cloud-native development, end state reference architectures, replatforming, modernization.

Delivery Methods

Public (Classroom only)

Intended Audience

Platform Engineers responsible for the creation, configuration and updating of Pivotal Platform and associated products.


  • Completion of a Cloud Foundry operator course is preferred.
  • Current experience with running Cloud Foundry.

What you'll learn

At the end of the training, students will have been exposed to and worked with:

  • Concourse
  • Platform Automation
  • BOSH
  • Operations manager
  • Platform as a Product
  • Monitoring/Logging
  • Blobstore for offline resources
  • Agile/XP/Product management
  • Apps Manager
  • A sample application
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* This course is usually taught on vSphere with NSX-T. Upon customer request, with at least 6 paying customers subscribed, we can also offer it on GCP, Azure or AWS.

PAL for Platform Engineers on GCP
Dates: Oct 06, 2020 9:00 AM to Oct 09, 2020 5:00 PM
Time Zone: United Kingdom Time
Location: Live Online
Price: $5000.00